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New Patient

New Patients - Before Your Visit:

We are pleased that you have chosen Desert Vision Center for your eye care. We will endeavor to make your visit as pleasant, convenient and stress-free as possible.

How Long Will You Be Here?

We request new patients to please arrive a few minutes before your appointment time. To expedite the check in process,  complete the New Patient Forms we mail to you and mail them back to us. 

The length of time of your office visit may vary. In order to check the overall health of the eye, dilation drops may be used. If you require dilating drops and/or special testing, please allow at least one and one-half hours (90 minutes) for your visit.  If you do not require dilation of your eyes or other testing, please allow approximately one hour (60 minutes) for your visit.

What Do We Need To Know?

Whether you or a loved one are having a first eye exam, a repeat eye exam, or are seeing a new eye doctor for the first time, there are a number of routine questions you can expect. Because there are any number of factors in your medical history that may contribute to current or potential vision problems, please come prepared to discuss some vital information with us. Understanding your lifestyle and any visual problems you're having helps us to point your eye exam in the right direction.

If you are currently using eye medications from another eye doctor or seeing another eye doctor for any eye condition, please let us know prior to your visit. We may require other information or records prior to your visit. If so, you may need to Request Medical Records from your other physician.

Please bring all of the following, if you use them:

Glasses, sunglasses (if prescription) and original contact lens boxes (if available)

Any eye drops you are using and a list of all prescription medication you take

Questions we may ask:

What eye problems are you having now? Is your vision blurry or hazy at certain distances? Do you have problems in your side vision? Are you experiencing pain or discomfort in certain lighting situations?

Do you have a history of any eye problems or eye injury? Do you have a current prescription for glasses or contact lenses? Are you wearing them regularly, and if so, are you still happy with them?

Have you had any health problems recently, such as high blood pressure or heart disease? Are you diabetic? Are you overweight?

Are you taking any medications? Do you have allergies to medications, food or other materials? Seasonal allergies?

Has anyone in your family, including parents, suffered from eye problems or diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration?

Has anyone in your family, including parents, suffered from high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes? What about other health problems that can affect the whole body like blood disorders or cancer?

Your Privacy:

We value and protect the privacy of your medical information in accordance with the Federal HIPAA Guidelines.

Insurance Approval

Prior to their visit, patients are responsible for obtaining any needed referral or approval required by your insurance. Our policy is to require payment of all deductibles and co-pays prior to each visit at check-in. Desert Vision Center accepts cash, check, VISA, MasterCard,  Discover and American Express.

Changing Your Appointment:

If you need to cancel or change your appointment, we appreciate at least 24 hours advance notice by telephone during business hours.

Patient Forms

We are working on getting these forms on line. Check back later. Right now we will send the forms to you and you can fill them out and send them back to us.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF forms. You may download a FREE copy of this software by clicking on the "Acrobat Reader" icon on the right:


Download Acrobat Reader